Beyond restaurant security

Security is not the only issue to run restaurant business. How to provide comfort and enjoyable dining experience, and at the same time to grow the business is the essential part of the business. New advanced technologies and innovations enable the evolution of existing restaurant industry and to bring additional value-add to restaurant owners.

Dahua advanced innovations provide what you just needed

Remote surveillance: Whether on holiday or business trip, the real restaurant situation can be monitored through APP remotely at anytime and anywhere. No missing of real view of your restaurant

Cashier safety: HD video with POS overlay, emergency button and pinhole camera protect the security of the cashier area. No more worries of your cash safety Alarm system: All-round protection for restaurant assets at closing time, notification via APP triggered for remote viewing once alarm occurs

Management: Professional attendance equipment, effectively manage the employee working time and shift schedule

Turnover growth: People counting, better understanding of the restaurant traffic flow and better assistance of the restaurant operation to grow the business.

Food safety: Display the kitchen food processing in the dining area to assure customers with food safety, semi-open kitchen to attract more customers. Comfort and enjoyable dining experince

Solution Overview

Solution Details

Remote Surveillance
Cashier Safety
Alarm System
Turnover Growth
Food Safety

Key Technology

Smart Application

Whether you are at home, at work or on the go, you are always in control of your restaurant security situation with our free mobile APP (both IOS and Android). Anytime, anywhere.

POS Integration

POS integration in NVR, clear transaction bill overlay with surveillance.


Use Dahua Airfly protocol and the sub-g(<1GHz) band wireless sensor, featuring perfect wall penetration, low power consumption and low rate of false alarm, suits majority of the applications in complex environments. Cost of wiring and maintenance can been greatly

Intelligent Analysis

Camera embedded people counting function to count the traffic flow and better assistant the restaurant operation to grow business.

Video Linkage

When the alarm event occurs with the video linkage function, it will push video message to your smart phone and have alarm recorded in the NVR.


Availability of PoE in NVR and IPC reduces the installation and maintenance cost of power wiring.

Solution Features

  • Easy to install / Remote surveillance / Stable and reliable.

System Structure

System Topology