Smart Parking Management

Innovations to Improve Parking Efficiency and User Experience

With increasing automobiles on the roads, how to enhance the parking efficiency and improve user experience has been set with high priority by parking owners.

SSD innovative parking solution integrates ANPR and video analytics which enable automatic driving in/out without manual interference to improve parking efficiency. Furthermore vehicle guidance and vehicle locating via embedded E-map is set to enhance user experience.

SSD innovative parking solution is right for you to not only protect your parking lot safety but also to strengthen the driver’s parking experience.

Solution Overview

Solution Details

Entrance & Exit
Parking Guidance
Car Locating
Parking Management

Key Technology


Convenient entrance & exit with camera embedded ANPR
• Efficiency ANPR, complete plate recognition in less than 1 second.
• Video stream or image transferring is not required, less time consumption.

Easy Deployment & Cost Down

• Reduce UTP cable deployment and cost (83%).
• Reduce the quantity of switches.
• Reduce the cost of cabling (63%).

Professional Management Platform

Special designed for parking management
• Based on map, easy-to-use visual interface.
• Professional functions, like reservation and VIP parking.
• Rich parking data, open for management and analysis.
• Improve management efficiency and reduce labour

Solution Features

  • Easy come, easy go
    • Help you find available parking space
    • Locate your car and pay to leave conveniently
  • ANPR, video or loop trigger optional
    • Offer more economical choice
    • Recognition rate higher than 95%
  • Comprehensive surveillance
    • Provide 7×24 surveillance with access camera and spot detection camera
    • Search the video record and image by date/time/license plate number
  • Networking Management
    • Support centralized networking management of multiple parking areas and parking lots
  • Open system
    • Open system with rich interfaces, to meet different customer requirements
    • Easy integration with 3rd party payment system

System Topology