As trade and tourism continue to develop, the demand for hotels increases due to a rise in business trips and travel. Making the hotel a more comfortable environment and increasing management efficiency have become the biggest challenges in the industry.

The Dahua Integrated Security Solution for Hotel is an integrated system that provides hotel customers with a safe environment and hotel operators with convenient management capabilities.

Solution Overview

Solution Details

Public Area
Shuttle Bus
Hotel Room
Meeting Room
Management Room

Key Technology

Panoramic Switching

The 180º Multi-sensor camera stitches together the separate video streams from each sensor to form a single image for full situational awareness.

H.265 Encoding

• Compared with H.264, saves up to 50% bandwidth.
• H.265 uses half of the disk space, greatly reducing storage costs.

Biometric Identification

• Biometric Identification Technology provides features such as fingerprint verification.

Video Linkage

When alarm events occur, the system delivers a video message to the management center which is displayed on the video wall and in a pop-up window, allowing security workers to instantly respond to a situation.


The e-map provides a detailed overview of the location and status of each device on the system. Select devices to remotely control and monitor.

All-In-One Management Platform

The Dahua all-in-one management platform includes functions for CCTV surveillance, access control, entrance control, video wall, mobile surveillance, and more. It delivers an easy to operate, high performance, high efficiency, high stability, cost effective, one-stop solution.

System Structure