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Oil and natural gas are important energy resources. The business process is complicated and includes exploration, drilling and oilfield construction, resource transportation, refinement, storage, and sales. Furthermore, fuels are flammable and explosive, creating a challenge to ensure the security of the entire process.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to build a comprehensive security system to enhance the energy industry in all aspects of standardized management, monitoring, early warning, and accident investigation, so as to prevent accidents. At the same time, there is high demand to build infrastructure which provides timely and accurate information to rescue workers, improving the efficiency of rescue work and minimizing loss.

SSD provides a professional end-to-end solution for different applications required by the energy industry in building a complete visual security system to ensure the security and stable operation of the entire business flow.

Solution Overview

Solution Details

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Key Technology

Industry-Grade Design

Cameras are designed in accordance with industrial standards with a variety of features such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, NEMA 4X certification, and IP68. It performs effectively in various harsh environments.

Advanced Intelligent Application

• Features smart-detection functions such as tripwire, intrusion, auto-tracking, missing or abandoned objects, and face detection.
• It can compliment your artificial shortage, reduce labor costs, and increase security efficiency through 24/7 video

Smart Thermal Imaging

• Any object with a temperature above absolute zero(-273.15 °C) emits infrared radiation. Infrared radiation sits between the visible spectrum(0.4~0.75μm) and microwave spectrum(>15μm).
• Different amounts of infrared radiation are collected by

Multi-Dimensional Deployment

• Efficient inspection of oilfields, pipelines, and refineries is a significant challenge facing the energy industry.
• Mobile devices such as mobile handheld terminals, and drone systems support all-weather, all-dimension, and three-dimensional

Multi-Type Power Supply and Data Transmission

• Power supply and data transmission are often a severe challenge for some energy industry scenarios such as oilfields and pipelines.
• The use of wind & solar power supply systems and 5.8G wireless microwave transmission systems solve data and power problems while saving construction costs and reducing construction difficulties.

Strict Authority Control

• There are various indoor office areas in the energy scenes such as pipeline stations, refineries, and oil depots.
• The SSD Access Control System allows different staff members to have different permissions, ensuring the safety of indoor areas and providing attendance tracking functionality.