Multi-service Video Management Platform

> 19” standard 4U ATCA industry box

> Easy and flexible configuration with pluggable card module design

> 80ch@1080P or 320ch@D1 signal encoding (full configured)

> 80ch@4K or 320ch@1080P or 720ch@720P or 1500ch@D1 signal decoding (full configured)

> Support 320ch@1080P H.265 signal decoding(full configured)

> Support 240@D1 nonstandard stream signal decoding(full configured)

> Support max 60 screens splicing

> Support analog/digital video signals input and matrix output

> Support SD/HD video signal matrix switch and output

> Support non-compressed digital signal encoding output

> 6 RJ-45 gigabit network ports for matrix control, preview and online central storage

> Support TCP/IP/RTP/RTSP/RTCP/TCP/UDP/DHCP/PPPoE and etc. network protocols

> Remote cast analog/digital video onto the video-wall

> Remote reboot/upgrade/default setting and etc. operations

> Support VGA signal automatic adjustment