Index INSPIRO 6+ INSPIRO 6S+ (Slave) Description :Video outside unit with code lock and RFID reader

Design Flat, 2 mm thick front panel and brushed stainless steel buttons

Modules Camera – heated, high-resolution colour camera (min. 600 lines)

with a wide-angle 2.8 mm lens Adjustable camera position with LED backlight, working in infra-red: +/- 20° horizontally

Perfect picture quality in daylight and at night.

Code lock – individual 4-digit opening code for each apartment

ACC – Uniqe 125 kHz proximity element reader

Display LCD (heated)

Max. number of subscribers 1020 apartments

Installation method Flush-mounted

Surface-mounted (additional INS-P-L NT back box)

Dimensions (mm) Panel 111×351

Flush-mounted back box 92x332x31,5

Installation type Digital: twisted pair cable cat. 5e or 6

Line length Max. 1000m

Power supply 15V DC

Power consumption in standby mode ~ 3,4W

Outputs 2 x “ELOCK” screw connectors:

-connection of conventional E-lock (max. 1A) or reversible E-lock (max.0.5A) or CDN-PK relay module (max. 5A)

2 x screw connectors

-audio signal connection: “LINE+” and “LINE- (GND)”

2 x screw connectors

-connection of second relay output (OUTPUT): “N” and “NO” (max. 2A, 30VDC) – Master only

Inputs 4 x screw connectors:

-power supply connection: fixed “+DC” and “GND”

1 x “INPUT” screw connector:

-connection of NO button – activated after shorting to system GND. E.g. external opening button

1 x screw connector:

-connecting audio signal from upstream panel (Master Line): “ML+” (Slave only)

2 x “EXTMOD” socket for optional modules

Amenities for the disabled – backlit keypad buttons, optionally with stamped Braille alphabet characters

– panel function sound or visual signalling

– automatic or remote (using a button) door opening without answering a call and possibility to connect an additional sound or light call signalling device (CDN-U) in an apartment

Features – weather-resistant and vandal-proof

– possibility to set a 6-digit apartment number

– 4 different code tables

– available codes: 1020 apartment codes (4 digits), 5 administrator codes (4 or 6 digits), 1 installer code (8 digits)

– programmable entry on the main display (max. 30 characters)

– operates up to 6144 keyfobs

– any number of keyfobs assigned to each apartment (out of 6144 available keyfobs)

– any number of administrator and installer access keyfobs

– adjustable max. conversation time (40 – 120 seconds)

– connects to different extension modules that extend system functionality

– operates multi-input Master/Slave/Multimaster systems

– opening e-locks or additional relay outputs without a call (CDN-I/O)

– home automation system: control over external devices like gates, barriers, lights or blind rollers using a code lock, keyfob or inside unit Functions also available without an active connection:

– gate opening – a triple key or

– external device control (CDN-I/O module) – triple key

– enabling/disabling access to external equipment control separately for each apartment

– connects numerous inside units under the same number

– extensive customisation of settings for each apartment

– intuitive and convenient operation and configuration

– option for collective modification of the call number range

– option for collective modification of call numbers

– possibility to set up to 8 numbers with a doorbell without call option

– auto-opening function for each apartment

– corridor opening

– doorman calling

– possibility to enter any (max. 6-character) text on the display during doorkeeper call re-routing

– adjustable number of door opening actions during a conversation (1 – 3)

– compatible with different e-lock and magnetic lock types

– 8 additional priority numbers with customisable calling parameter settings

– device serial number displayed in software

– call re-routing for additional numbers

– call re-routing always active for basic (passive) receivers (INS-UP720B/M, INS-UP)

– possibility to disable call re-routing for “active” inside units (INS-UP720MR, UP800,INS-MP7, INS-MPR)

– programming via a computer without external power supply

– programming via an outside unit or computer with a USB cable

– free software available in the “Download” tab

– compatible with all digital devices from the CDN, Inspiro and Familio P/PV ranges